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HoTT merchandise available - for a limited time!

Want to avoid Row-bot?   Well, get a HoTT padded seat!  Shaped for the perfect bum, yours obviously!  Helps avoid blisters, sciatica nerve pain, sea-sickness, pregnancy and losing races!

Made from the finest materials...not others made from recycled tyres and ink from Fukoshima meltdown; this bum-smoother provides comfort from that agonising sciatica nerve pain after a long row...like a 21klm row!...smart rowers know what to buy! 

Pre-order for $30 each and we will provide them at the start of HoTT.   Click here to email a pre-order.

New this year!  Oarcovers!

These covers are so great  - protecting your blades from just about everything!
Some of our rowers even keep the covers on - whilst they are rowing!  Personally, I find it a drag.

Available in all colours of black, in small, medium,large, whoops...no that was Tshirts.  These are regular for sculling oars. you can use on sweep - but half the blade may stick out..your choice.

Only $20 for one cover and the second cover is free!  (Or two covers for $62.99)

Sorry about image being sideways - I am in Belgium and do not have all my editing tools - Tim April2017

Also we can get you sexy T-Shirts. (did you know as a 'Hott' website we are attacked regularly by web-bots chasing sex sites...no sex for rowers here!..only the joy of a day up the Tweed River and a great t-shirt to match.) 

This fantastic t-shirt will promote real meaning to people (rowers as well as other incidental life forms) about your stunning rowing capabilities.  

People will approach you in the street!   Some may actually lead to an interesting future!

Only $15.00, until we run out of shirts - otherwise a MRC member will re-sell their old ones, (unwashed) for $30!  

Pre-order NOW  [send an email and your payment details] or hope for a Murwillumbah rower without B.O. (yeah, like fat chance!).

We have all sizes: womens: S/M/L/XL        mens: skinny, fat, extra fat and only allowed in the eight-fat.  [actually we have S/M/L/XL/XXL]

Also available ironed! (pre-order only, add extra $650.00)   Click here to email a pre-order.

But wait we have more!  Gate-covers!!! wow!

Forget Watergate...our 'fantastic rower Louise' has sourced the best gate-covers in the universe!

Check the quality, feel the velvet smoothness, rip the velcro open between clenched teeth whilst looking like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cookoo''s Nest......OK...forget all that,   These gate-protectors stop you scratching the boat below and above you.  Better yet, buy a set for you and the rower stored above you!  These gate-covers won't allow their  boat to scratch your cherished boat!.  Tell them it cost $59.99/pair..( "we will lie if given forewarning" )...You can get them for $8.00/pair!.  [or $30 for 3   or     $60 for 5!]

Impress your friends at dinner parties about your excellent gift for your other half...   " I got George/Christina a pair of gate covers...and a row-bot bum protector as a impulse gift!"  Laughter will fill the room before all the guests fall silent and take a deep draw from their wine.  

Only rowers understand the importance of bums and gates and great T-shirts.  Forget the rest, just row for pleasure!   Click here to email a pre-order.



As a small, but vibrant regional Club, we need two things:  you to come and row at Murwillumbah RC, any-time, but especially during HoTT...and a cash-only transaction for some/all/none of the above goods. Pay on the day...but it helps if you give us a heads up about it.  

Email our exuberant Sales Manager, Louise,..and she can help supply the goods and help you to send payment to the HoTT account..with your names and goods (or what ever she makes up) in description!